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Museums and Galleries

"Museums and Galleries"  
Address: Marka Miljanova 4
Phone: +382 20 242-543; 
Fax: +382 20 201-620
Open for visitors: from 12h to 20h, 
Saturdays and Sundays: from 9h to 14h, not open on Mondays
Admission fee: 1€, for children 0.5€, and groups of children (over 20) 0.2€

"Kuslevova kuća"
Address: Vuka Karadžića 8
Phone: +382 20 242-605
Open for visitors: from 9h to 20h, not open on Mondays
Admission fee: 1.00 €-5.00 €, for children 0,50 €

The Museum of Natural History of Montenegro 
Address: Trg Vojvode Bećir-bega Osmanagića 16
Phone: +382 20 633-184; 623-544
Fax: +382 20 623-933 
Web site:
Opening hours: from 9 do 12h; not open on Saturdays and Sundays
No admission fee charged

Gallery "Art" 
Address: Trg Republike 1

Gallery "Centar"
Address: Njegoševa 2
Phone: +382 20 665-409 
Open for visitors: from 9h to14h and 17h to 21h, Saturdays: from 10h to 14h, not open on Sundays 
No admission fee charged

Gallery "Most"
Address: Malo brdo, Lamela 1
Phone: +382 20 227-681 
Web site:
Open for visitors: from 9h to14h and 17h to 21h

Gallery "Pizana"
Address: Hercegovačka b60
Phone: +382 20 230-241
Mob.Phone: +382 69 300 820 
Web site:

Gallery "Tiodorović 1"
Address: Beogradska 28 

Gallery "Tiodorović 2" 
Address: Rimski trg 24
Phone: +382 20 232-214;
Open for visitors: from 10h to 14h and 18h to 21h, not open on Sundays

Gallery "Gayo"
Address:  Ul. Njegoševa 12

Gallery "Al"
Address: Ul. Karađorđeva 4
Phone: +382 20 664-699 
Open for visitors: Winter from 9h to 14h, Saturdays from 17h to 20h
                            Summer from 9h to 14h, Saturdays from 18h to 21h